Elevations on the Mysteries

Jean Béraud (French, 1849-1935) – L’Elevation

The centrepiece of this site is our translation of Bossuet’s incomparable Elevations on the Mysteries.  Along with his Meditations on the Gospel, it is his reaching the heights as he approached what he referred to as “the last hour.”

The work is divided up into “elevations” on a variety of subjects, which constitute a theological sweep from the creation until John the Baptist.  Each one is divided in turn into “journeys.”  That’s a play on Bossuet’s original French charactersation of each; the original refers to a daily delivery of the topic, but they are in reality a spiritual voyage.  An unfinished work, it shows Bossuet at his most masterful in the exposition of basic theology and the history of salvation.

The portions currently translation (in part or whole) are linked to as follows:

We trust these are a blessing to you and that you will agree with us that these are “elevations” in every sense of the word.