An Update on the Bossuet Project

As some of you who have followed this project have probably observed, there hasn’t been a new post on Elevations on the Mysteries since March of last year, and little else either. This post is to bring you up to date on what’s going on and what to expect.

In spite of the lack of post, 2020 was a good year for the Bossuet Project. Its traffic grew more as a percentage of 2019’s than any other of my sites except for Chet Aero Marine (which benefits from being a course site.) I published online Meditations on the Gospel and other posts related to that great work, which is from a thematic standpoint the sequel to Elevations on the Mysteries.

But the core purpose of the project is the translation of Elevations on the Mysteries, and that got side tracked by COVID. When it hit full force in March, I was forced to transition all of my classes (Foundations, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, and later Soil Mechanics) to an online format, something that occupied me the rest of the semester, well into the Summer and into the Fall and Christmas break as well. Additionally I had other research projects in progress, and last but not least released my novel The Ten Weeks online, which has a few allusions to the great Bossuet as well. In the middle of this I decided to put this project on hold until these major tasks were in the rear view mirror.

Well, they are, except I am still teaching the courses. So my intent is to resume this project. The first result of this is to translate the week “The Coming of Saint John the Baptist, Forerunner of Jesus Christ,” which should start towards the end of next month and after Ash Wednesday. Hopefully I will be able to work on the subsequent weeks and pick up the pace a bit.

In the meanwhile, thank you for your support and follow the site for more updates.

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