Elevation on the Law and Prophecies that heralded the Liberator and prepare for him the way: 3, Moses, figure of the divinity of Jesus Christ

The Lord said to Moses, I have made you the God of Pharaoh, and Aaron will be your prophet. The saviour of the faithful people had to be a God, God even gives him the name in singular, which has only this example. He says elsewhere: You are Gods; here I made you a God. A mark of divinity is to have prophets, who for this are called the prophets of the Lord. Aaron is the prophet of Moses. Moses is clothed with the omnipotence of God; he has lightning in his hand, that is to say this omnipotent wand which strikes rivers and turns their waters into blood, which strikes them again and makes them return to their nature; it spreads to the sky and spreads everywhere thick, palpable darkness, but which, like another God, separates them from the light, since the Jewish people remain enlightened while the Egyptians, enveloped in an awful shadow and deep, cannot take a step. This powerful wand bubbles up frogs and grasshoppers, changes all the dust of the earth into unbearable flies, sends an inevitable plague to the animals of Egypt, and performs other wonders that are written in Exodus.

So here is Moses as a God who does what he wants in heaven and in the earth, and holds all nature in its power, it is true that God limits his power. I made you, he says, the God of Pharaoh; he is not a God absolutely, but the God of Pharaoh; it is over Pharaoh and his kingdom that you can exercise this divine power. It is not as the Savior of the new people, which is called God absolutely, by whom all things were made which is called above all, God blessed for centuries for centuries, and so on. But also the servant should not be equal to the master. Moses was, says St. Paul, as a faithful servant in the house of God; but Jesus was like the son in his own house, which is ours.

But if there was in Moses, who was to save the faithful people, such a manifest light of divinity and such a high participation of the title of God, should we be surprised if the substance and the fullness of the divinity dwells bodily in Jesus Christ, who, by saving us from sin, was to save us from all evil? To complete the figure, Moses, who was the God of Pharaoh, was at the same time the mediator. Pharaoh said to him, Pray for me, and at the prayer of Moses God deflected his plagues and put an end to the plagues of Egypt. So Jesus, who is our God, is at the same time our mediator, our almighty intercessor, to whom God does not refuse anything, and there is no other name by which we should be saved. Let us put our trust in Jesus, who is God and mediator together and, even greater and above Moses, as Moses is only God to send temporary wounds, and he is a mediator only to divert them; but Jesus passes by doing good, and healing all the sick. He deploys his power only to show his kindness; and the plagues which he diverts from us are the plagues of the spirit. Let us put ourselves in his salutary hands; he does not ask anything else, except that we let him do it, from then on he will save us, and salvation is his work.

2 thoughts on “Elevation on the Law and Prophecies that heralded the Liberator and prepare for him the way: 3, Moses, figure of the divinity of Jesus Christ

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